Burnaby Community Centre

Burnaby Central

Find the Burnaby community centre closest to you! There are lots to choose from, each one offering different activities, classes, and programs. Visit Burnaby central locations, as well as locations on the outskirts of the city.

Check out our local Burnaby Community Centre list:

Burnaby Community Centre

Bonsor Complex

Easily accessible by skytrain, the Bonsor Recreation Complex has a pool and a seniors centre. Fitness opportunities include racquetball, yoga, dance, and more. In addition, try some free fitness classes like cycling and zumba! While there, grab a coffee at the cafe, check out the games room, and take a tour through Bonsor’s music studios.

Community Centre Burnaby

Cameron Complex

Located across the street from Lougheed Mall, the Cameron Recreation Complex is near Burnaby central! In addition to a cycling studio and weight area, it also has indoor tennis and racquetball courts, a large sports hall, and an outdoor fitness area. Check out the Cameron Library or Cameron Park playground while you’re there as well.

Burnaby Central

CG Brown Memorial Pool

Located in the heart of Burnaby, the CG Brown Memorial Pool has lots of water activities to enjoy. Sign your little one up for swimming lessons, hang out in the toddler pool, or try an aquifer class. In addition, sweat it out in the sauna or through cardio at the CG Brown weight room. Expend some energy and feel good for the rest of the day!

Community Centre Burnaby Central

Edmonds Community Centre

Located on the southeast side of Burnaby, the Edmonds Community Centre has something for the whole family. Find a leisure pool, swim tank, and fitness area. You’ll also find Edmonds Park here which has tennis and basketball courts, an outoor plaza for special events, a walking circuit, and an area for lawn bowling!

Burnaby Central Community Centre Burnaby

Willingdon Community Centre

Offering free family gym time in the summer, the Willingdon Community Centre has a lot to offer. The facility includes a weight room, games room, and birthday party area. They also teach fitness and preschool classes! Stop by for a Zumba class or join an aerobics group. It’s a great way exercise alone or with friends.

Community Centre Burnaby Sauna

Eileen Daily Leisure Centre

Enjoy the swimming pool, whirlpool, water slide, sauna, steam room, and children’s play area! They also hold swimming lessons (weekends only), birthday parties, and childcare as well. Explore the McGill Library, in addition to the Confederation Community Centre Burnaby which has a seniors lounge and snooker room.

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Businesses in the Burnaby Postal Code

Check out our Burnaby Online directory to search for all of your favourite businesses, and discover some new ones along the way too. There are so many fantastic businesses located in the Burnaby Postal Code.
Burnaby FAQ's

Q: What is the population of Burnaby?
A: According to the 2016 census, the Burnaby Population is 232,755 people. Making it the 20th biggest city in Canada and the 3rd largest city in British Columbia.

Q: How big is Burnaby?
A: The city of Burnaby is exactly 98.6 square kilometres in size.

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