Burnaby Community Sports

Looking for sports groups like Burnaby soccer and Burnaby minor hockey?

There are so many benefits to joining Burnaby community sports groups! There are lots of different activities available depending on age, sport, and skill level. Find everything from Burnaby minor hockey to Burnaby soccer and tennis!

Check out our list of Burnaby community sports groups:

Burnaby minor hockey for Burnaby recreation

Burnaby Minor Hockey

The Burnaby Minor Hockey Association is a non-profit organization for youth aged 3 – 20 years old. Join a Burnaby minor hockey team and learn how to play the game! In addition, learn transferable skills such as teamwork and hand-eye coordination.

Burnaby soccer instead of Burnaby minor hockey

Burnaby Soccer

No one is left out of Burnaby soccer at the Cliff Avenue United FC Soccer club which welcomes children of all abilities, aged 3-17. This is the biggest Burnaby soccer club, with over 2,000 players registered. They encourage fun, fair play, teamwork, and dedication.

Burnaby community sports baseball beside Burnaby minor hockey

Burnaby Minor Baseball

Get into the swing of things at the Burnaby Minor Baseball Association! The organization teaches all of the rules and best practices of baseball. It also strives to instil values of good citizenship in its players and stresses the importance of volunteering.

Burnaby recreation tennis and Burnaby soccer

Tennis Club

Pick up a racquet and head down to the Tennis Club! There are 6 courts that are open year-round, for friendly or competitive games. People of all ages and skill levels are welcome. A variety of memberships are available, including adult, junior, family, and “summer-only” packages.

Burnaby community sports basketball

Metro Club

The South Burnaby Metro Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Youth aged 5 – 18, are offered Burnaby soccer, basketball, and baseball programs. All of their activities are dedicated to helping youth, with a goal of providing a safe and organized environment for everyone.

Burnaby recreation swimming and Burnaby soccer

Swim Club

The Barracudas are a local swimming club that offers classes for kids starting from 3 years old. Operating out of two Burnaby pools, they offer regular swimming programs and swim meets. They provide talented and skilled coaches that teach competitive swimming techniques in a team atmosphere.

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Businesses in the Burnaby Postal Code

Check out our Burnaby Online directory to search for all of your favourite businesses, and discover some new ones along the way too. There are so many fantastic businesses located in the Burnaby Postal Code.
Burnaby FAQ's

Q: What is the population of Burnaby?
A: According to the 2016 census, the Burnaby Population is 232,755 people. Making it the 20th biggest city in Canada and the 3rd largest city in British Columbia.

Q: How big is Burnaby?
A: The city of Burnaby is exactly 98.6 square kilometres in size.

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