Useful Burnaby Moving Tips

Whether you’re considering moving to Burnaby, or anywhere else, moving homes is always a pain. No matter how many times you’ve done it or how little stuff you have, it’s always harder than you expected.

Even if you’re just going down the street, there are so many things to keep track of. However, nowadays we are blessed with a ton of apps and services at our disposal.

Check out these helpful moving tips to lighten your load and take some of the stress out of moving homes.

Apps That Make Moving Homes Easier

Moving to Burnaby and Moving Homes

Social media and phone apps have improved nearly every aspect of modern life. Lucky for you, moving is no different! As they say… “there’s an app for that”. Moving homes is nobody’s favorite thing to do, but these mobile apps can make the process a lot easier. Before your move has really begun, grab these apps to stay organized and speed things up.

  • MoveSnap – This app serves as your personal moving concierge. You get a step-by-step list of everything that needs to be done. Everything from transferring utilities and services to getting rid of things you don’t need. This app includes tons of tips and tricks to get things done and save time. With so many moving parts, efficiency is key.
  • Moving Checklist Pro – Make sure that you don’t forget anything during your move! This might sound basic, but you would be surprised how easy it is to lose track of things during a move. This app includes pre-made and customized checklists of common tasks. You can go in and set deadlines, personalizing the app so it’s specific to you. The peace of mind you get from good organization can go a long way.
  • Sortly – Designed to make packing your stuff easier. If you’re like me you’re likely going to throw just about anything together, wherever it fits, by the end of a packing day. Then you end up with boxes labelled “Kitchen”, but full of kid’s toys. Frustrating! With Sortly, you can create a visual inventory with photos and create QR labels for your boxes. No longer will you have to spend hours wondering where you put that can opener you needed. Just search for it in Sortly and grab the box you need.

Services That Make Moving Homes Easier

Burnaby Moving Tips for Moving Homes

Everybody has heard nightmare stories about bad movers. Or maybe you’ve even had your own negative experience! Either way, these Burnaby moving tips for picking your moving company will ensure that your next experience is a pleasant one. It might feel like you’re badgering the moving companies, but don’t worry. It’s their job to answer your questions and you need to feel safe with them.

  • Customer rights and mover responsibilities – Make sure to start by asking your prospective movers for paperwork outlining rights and responsibilities. You absolutely need to know exactly what is covered by their service. Read over this information carefully and make sure you feel comfortable. You want to know exactly what the company is willing to assume responsibility for in a worst case scenario.
  • Insurance – Most reputable moving companies are insured. But what many people don’t know is that you have the right to ask for proof. Ask your prospective company for their insurance company’s name and their policy number. Check up on them.
  • Sub-Contracting – Something else you might be surprised to learn is the practice of sub-contracting. More than once people have hired a moving company only to learn later that a different company would be doing the actual moving process. Sometimes, there’s even a third company to handle the unloading! Make sure you ask about this. If they do, ask for the sub-contractor’s information and get references for them as well.
  • Estimates – Make sure you get an estimate. Most reputable movers will ask to inspect your stuff to provide an accurate quote. If they say this isn’t necessary, you’re probably better off elsewhere. On your end, make sure you provide them with precise information. This can help you avoid extra charges later on. You also want to make sure the estimate they provide you is detailed, including expected duration, break-down of costs, etc. Details are important!

Helpful Moving Apps for After You’ve Moved

Moving Homes and Burnaby Moving Tips

After you have gotten into your new place, there’s a ton more things to do. You’ll have to unpack your things, decorate the place, and get to know your neighbours and the area. This used to be a difficult, time-consuming, and potentially expensive experience. Nowadays, though, there are a handful of helpful apps which can make this phase of your move much easier.

  • Nextdoor – Get to know your neighbours as soon as you move in. Think of it like a social network created especially for your new area. You can connect with neighbours and make new friends quickly. Additionally, this service allows people who have lived in the area for a while share their knowledge and familiarity with newer residents like yourself!
  • MagicPlan – Design your new living space. Instead of spending a ton of money on a home designer, this app will let you create the layout of your dreams. First, you create a floor plan of your space by walking through and taking pictures. Then the app automatically analyzes distances and measurements so you can determine where to put things before you unpack. It might even be handy to pick this one up before your move, so you know what to bring and what you might need to get rid of!
  • BrightNest – This information-packed app will give you all kinds of home information. You can use it for decorating ideas or DIY projects to renovate your new home. It also provides you with practical information regarding maintenance and other homeowner necessities. As you use the app, it will learn your interests and preferences to make sure you’re provided with everything you need to know.
  • AroundMe – Get all the information you need to know about your new neighbourhood. Don’t forget that when you hit a new area, it’s super important to familiarize yourself with certain landmarks. This app will make sure you know where the nearest hospitals, banks, police stations, and gas stations are. You know, the kinds of things you might forget about until you really, really need them!
  • Homestyler Interior Design – This award-winning app is a must-have for home design gurus. All you need to do is take a picture of your new living area and you can turn it into a virtual dressing room. Try out different styles, furniture items, and other decorations before you buy. It also includes information about the latest trends, how-to guides, and recommendations from professional designers!

If you’re moving to Burnaby or just moving homes in any area, you want the process to be as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

Fortunately we live in a world where all the information and help we need is at our fingertips. So dive into some of these apps, follow a few simple suggestions during the move itself, and marvel at just how easy moving can actually be!

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