12 Things to do in Burnaby for under $100

If you’re looking for family-friendly fun or date night ideas Burnaby, look no further. Burnaby has many restaurants and outings that you can enjoy for under $100.

Outdoor Fun in Burnaby

Get outside and immerse yourself in Burnaby’s natural landscape. Get out on the water, or out on the green, all for under $100.

Here are a few of our picks:

Burnaby Golf Course under $100

7600 Halifax Street

For under $100 you can go golfing and rent equipment if you don’t have your own. There are also more than 50 stalls in Burnaby Golf Course’s large driving range. And stop in at the clubhouse once you’re done on the green for a bite to eat.

Burnaby Tours and Charters

You can hop aboard a bus with this Burnaby-based tour company for under $100. They offer a six-hour tour with stops at the breathtaking Burnaby Mountain and Deer Lake Park. Bird watchers take note because the tour begins with a visit to Piper Spit on Burnaby Lake. The trip also jets over to New Westminster’s famous Quay which has a quirky market with lots of need goodies and food to try.

Deer Lake Boat Rentals - Date Night Ideas Burnaby

5435 Sperling Avenue

You can get a group of 10 friends together and spend part of your day out on the water for under $100, thanks to Deer Lake Boat Rentals. Head out on the water in a kayak, canoe or a pedal boat.

Food and Entertainment

From sweets to slots to sodas, there are a lot of things to do in Burnaby if food and entertainment are your thing.

Here are a few of our picks:

Grand Villa Casino

4331 Dominion Street

Your $100 will go far at Burnaby’s casino. Gamble at the poker table or slot machines and while you’re at it, take in some of the entertainment. They’ve got big screen TVs for you sports fans out there, and live music for those who want to put on their dancing shoes at their restaurant and lounge.

Fortune House Seafood Restaurant

2199A 4700 Kingsway

Stop in for delectable dim sum or try a set menu experience at Burnaby’s Fortune House. There are plenty of specialty dishes to try, from peking duck to rack of lamb.

Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

3746 Canada Way

Give into your inner sweet tooth at Burnaby’s Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, home to the famous chocolate river. From chocolate flowers to salt water taffy to rock candy, there’s a sugary treat for everyone.

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery

4090 Hastings Street

Take your sweetie or little one to this Burnaby confectionary for a classic banana split, a toonerville treat or a Pop Shoppe float. Or try a homemade soda made with a 1931 walrus soda fountain. Make it an event for friends and book a throwback party at the nostalgic confectionary.

Horizons Restaurant

100 Centennial Way

Taste some tapas, the omelette bar at Sunday brunch or treat your dinner date to lamb, filet mignon or B.C. salmon at Horizon Restaurant. Located in Burnaby’s breathtaking Deer Lake Park the venue’s 360-degree view of the scenery, including the flower gardens, sets the scene for any date. And a stroll through the park is a nice way to end any meal.

REVS Bowling Burnaby

5502 Lougheed Highway

Head down to REVS in Burnaby with a few friends to show off your bowling skills on one of nearly 50 lanes. $100 will be more than enough for you and a friend to bowl and grab a bite to eat for the night. The venue, located within walking distance of Holdom Skytrain station, boasts the popular “Cosmic” bowling and a whole lot more, including racquetball and other fitness activities.

Fitness and fun in Burnaby

There are lots of fun things to do in Burnaby but perhaps you’re looking for something different. Sometimes we all need to unwind or put on our dancing shoes.

Here are our picks:

Iris Day Spa - Burnaby Massage

#3 6975 Kingsway Burnaby

Looking to unwind and relax? Your $100 will get you 90 minutes of bliss at this Burnaby massage spa. Try a swedish or deep tissue massage. And rejuvenate yourself with a facial.

World Dance Co.

4858 Imperial Street

Take in a dance class at Burnaby’s World Dance Co. From ballroom to belly dance to salsa, there are a ton of styles to try. They offer classes for toddlers, teens and adults, and all at affordable prices.

Moksha Yoga

4701 Hastings Street

From relaxing yin classes, to affordable community classes, to a moksha class with live music, there’s much on offer at this Burnaby studio. The company even offers multi-session programs, often for under $100. New yogis to this location can often get 60 days of classes for under $100.

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Businesses in the Burnaby Postal Code

Check out our Burnaby Online directory to search for all of your favourite businesses, and discover some new ones along the way too. There are so many fantastic businesses located in the Burnaby Postal Code.

Burnaby FAQ's

Q: What is the population of Burnaby?
A: According to the 2016 census, the Burnaby Population is 232,755 people. Making it the 20th biggest city in Canada and the 3rd largest city in British Columbia.

Q: How big is Burnaby?
A: The city of Burnaby is exactly 98.6 square kilometres in size.

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