Things you didn’t know about Burnaby

Burnaby is a city of rich history, culture, and a strong sense of community. Many people know about the great parts of the city like many attractions and places to visit. You would be surprised to know that there a lot of hidden facts and gems that Burnaby has to offer. Here is a list of the top 5 things you didn’t know about Burnaby.

1: Simon Fraser University almost called FU

I bet you can add this to your things you didn’t know about Burnaby. Back in its early development stage, Simon Fraser University was almost called Fraser University or FU for short. This quickly got shot down as people quickly realized it may come off the wrong way. Les Peterson, the minister responsible, changed the name to Simon Fraser University.

2: The Shaw House, one of the oldest Houses in Burnaby

The Shaw House was constructed in 1891 and is a protected municipal heritage site since 1996. Looking at it today, you would have never guessed this house to be as old as it is. The house is completely restored to modern day standards but its frame and layout are untouched and remain the same Victorian architectural style. So the next time you go by it, take a second and look at it.

things you didn't know about Burnaby

3: Metrotown almost didn’t happen

Most of us look at Metrotown as a city within a city because of its tight-knit residential complexes, conveniently located stores, parks, and pretty much every amenity all within a few block radius. During the progression of the city, there were many hurdles and changes to plans to create the metropolis region. With a combination of post-war demands, hard hitting recessions, and funding falling through the metropolis was uncertain. There were even disputes about the name of the region which got quickly shut down. Never the less, Metrotown’s slow development left a lasting impression on residents of Burnaby and is now a critical part of why people visit the city.

4: The City Filled for Bankruptcy 

During the great depression, the city of Burnaby was hit hard. It got so bad that the provincial government had to step in and take control of the city. At the tail end of the war did industry start to boom then oil refineries and Ford Auto Plant came in to provide tax relief. It may not sound like much but picturing something like that happening today is a scary thought.

5: Take a ride on History

The Burnaby Village Museum is home to a 100+-year-old carousel called the C.W. Parker Carousel. Many have seen it on their visit to the museum. It takes regular maintenance and touch-up jobs to make sure this carousel can run for another 100 years. Most of the parts and even the band organ playing are original pieces

There you have it, the top 5 things you didn’t know about Burnaby. Of course, there are many other facts that made Burnaby the great place it is today. We are thankful for what it has become and are hopeful for what it can become.