Fun Ideas for Burnaby Young Adults

Burnaby Young Adult Entertainment

Burnaby is a great city for exploring different cultures. It has a wide array of entertainment and activities available, no matter what you’re in the mood for. If you’re in those rare Burnaby young adult years, when you’re past the legal age limit but still have ample energy to expend… this page is for you!

Check out our list of Burnaby young adult entertainment:

sight seeing burnaby date ideas

Sight Seeing

Explore Burnaby with guided sight-seeing tours. Select individual or group tours through Burnaby parks, waters, wineries, breweries, and city streets. Burnaby Tours offer great options for every time of the year and they have a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor.

Burnaby young adult dining

Restaurants & Dining

Skip cooking and doing dishes tonight, by dining out instead! Go for your classic favourite or try something new, with hundreds of local options at your fingertips. Burnaby date ideas have never been so easy! Invite a friend or go solo, everyone needs to eat!

Burnaby young adult and burnaby date ideas

Movie Theatre

Take it easy and spend the night indoors watching a movie. Burnaby has one of the best theatres at Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis. Enjoy a Hollywood blockbuster or an independent release. It’s close to local transit, including skytrains and bus routes.

Bars & Pubs

Burnaby has a wide assortment of local bars and pubs, which make great Burnaby date ideas. You can also enjoy with friends for a drink. Explore the nightlife in this great city and maybe you’ll find a new local favourite!

Check out our list of Burnaby bars and pubs:

burnaby date ideas for burnaby young adults

Great Bear Pub

This Pub is on Kingsway, right where hwy 1 passes Imperial Street. It has a relaxed atmosphere and serves classic American bar food. The pub features live entertainment 6 nights a week, along with pool tables and dart boards. Stop by for lunch or dinner, open 11am – 1am daily.

Firefighters public house burnaby date ideas

Firefighters Pub

Originally a private association for Firefighters, this pub is situated in the heart of Metrotown. It is well-known for its fun atmosphere and popular menu choices. Enjoy everything from burgers, to steak, to pastas, and salads! It also has an open floor plan, perfect for socializing.

Burnaby date ideas at Wings Burnaby young adults

Wings Pub & Grill

This popular franchise has made its mark in Burnaby, ranking 4th place on Trip Advisor. As the name suggests, enjoy 25+ flavours of wings. In addition, they offer sandwiches, pastas, salads, wraps, and more. It is a welcoming, family friendly restaurant, fun for all ages!

Burnaby Bonsor Complex

The Burnaby Bonsor Complex in Metrotown is easily accessible by bus or skytrain. Spend a day there swimming, working out, or taking various classes including dance, fitness, and sports (like Burnaby basketball). Burnaby Bonsor Complex has something for everyone!

Check out this unique list of Burnaby Bonsor Complex Activities:

Burnaby Bonsor Complex yoga


Practice yoga in a 1500 square feet studio at the Burnaby Bonsor Complex. It was designed with simplicity in mind so visitors can focus on whats important; breath control, simple medication, and body postures. As soon as you enter the room a calm, spiritual feeling pours over you.

Burnaby Bonsor Complex pilates


The Burnaby Bonsor Complex accommodates Pilates classes, teaching the many benefits it provides. Pilates is focused on exercise and strength. Try a class to tone your muscles, improve your posture, and enhance your mental awareness at Burnaby Bonsor Complex today.

Fitness at Burnaby Bonsor Complex and Burnaby Basketball


Burnaby Bonsor Complex is all about health and fitness. They offer classes to all ages and abilities. Join beginner, intermediate, or advanced groups in areas including swimming, aerobics, cardio, zumba, boot camp, Burnaby basketball and more! Drop in or reserve your spot today.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the great outdoors! Whether you’re looking for Burnaby date ideas, fun ideas to enjoy with friends, or ideas of things to do solo… the outdoors is a great place to start!

Check out this list of outdoor sporting activities:

Burnaby basketball for Burnaby young adult

Night Sports

Burnaby has lots of sports fields and courts that are open late. Taylor Park, Central Park, and Confederation Park are all open past 10pm on most nights. In addition, find teams practising on school grounds at Simon Fraser University and Edmond’s Community Centre. Join in to play or sit and watch…

Burnaby basketball at Burnaby Bonsor Complex

Daytime Sports

There is no better place to watch a game than the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. They feature regular soccer, field hockey, field lacrosse, tennis, and basketball games. Feel like watching something a little different? Check out Mountain Air Bike Skills Park for interesting bike jumps and tricks all day.

Water sports and Burnaby Basketball

Water Sports

Visit some of the Burnaby parks that allow water sports such as tubing, jet skiing, and speed boating. Burnaby Lake, Deer Lake Park, and Central park are all great options. Why not take it to the next level and check out Ocean Quest Dive Centre? They are experts at diver training (schedule here).

Burnaby Continuing Education

If you’re looking for something fun, different, and interesting how about learning something new? Take your passion and turn it into a new skill. Burnaby has an excellent education system, offering continuing education classes, as well as group and individual classes based on particular interests.

Check out this unique list of learning facilities:

Burnaby Continuing Education

Burnaby Continuing Education

With one of the largest programs in BC, Burnaby Continuing Education gives us the option to learn about whatever we want. Classes are open to the public and are a great way for people to learn English, complete their highschool graduation, or just learn something new!

Burnaby continuing education at SFU

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is a big part of the local community. They offer educational programs for everything from science, to business, to languages. Find a class or join a program today. Check their busy schedule for dates on upcoming events and outreach programs.

coffee burnaby continuing education

Languages Over Coffee

Burnaby offers lots of groups that connect people with similar interests. Five Arrows is a good example. They connect people all over the lower mainland, that want to learn the same language. The group meets up at local Burnaby coffee shops to discuss and learn.

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Businesses in the Burnaby Postal Code

Check out our Burnaby Online directory to search for all of your favourite businesses, and discover some new ones along the way too. There are so many fantastic businesses located in the Burnaby Postal Code.
Burnaby FAQ's

Q: What is the population of Burnaby?
A: According to the 2016 census, the Burnaby Population is 232,755 people. Making it the 20th biggest city in Canada and the 3rd largest city in British Columbia.

Q: How big is Burnaby?
A: The city of Burnaby is exactly 98.6 square kilometres in size.

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