Burnaby Attractions & Events 

Metropolis at Metrotown, Revs Bowling Burnaby, Burnaby Library, and more

If you’re looking to have some fun in Burnaby BC, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out Burnaby tourism, attractions, and events throughout the city and in areas nearby. Everything from Metropolis at Metrotown, to Boat rentals in Deer Lake Park, to Revs Bowling Burnaby!

We’ve hand picked the best Burnaby attractions for you to visit, so take a look and explore the beauty that is… Burnaby! For more ideas you can also check out What to Do in Burnaby Today!

Nature & The Outdoors

Burnaby is home to lots of outdoor parks and recreation areas. The beautiful landscapes and natural environments are features that make Burnaby tourism so popular. There are so many mental and physical health reasons to experience nature, so get out and experience it!

Check out our list of natural Burnaby attractions below:

Boat Rentals in Deer Lake Park Burnaby Attractions

Deer Lake Boat Rentals

Deer Lake Park is one of the most popular Burnaby attractions. Enjoy the pleasant scenery and diverse wildlife from land or from the water. Deer Lake Park Boat Rentals offer canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and row boats. This is a very fun way to enjoy the day alone, with your dog, with friends, or with family.

Boat Rentals in Deer Lake Park Burnaby Tourism

Local Burnaby Parks

There are so many Burnaby parks and outdoor trails. No matter where you are located, there is likely a beautiful Burnaby park just minutes away from you. However, every park is very unique and has something different to offer. Take a look at these Burnaby Trails for more detailed information.
Tourism in Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

Burnaby Lake Wildlife

The Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park is filled with wildlife. It spans 770 acres of land and is visited by over 215 species of birds throughout the year. It is home to over 400 species including plants, birds, fish, mammal, reptile, and amphibians. It’s a great destination for watching wildlife in its natural habitat.

Fun Burnaby Attractions

Looking for something that will provide a little more fun and adventure? Burnaby tourism includes tons of fun activities including local amusement parks, carnival games, bowling, and a casino! For other great ideas check out what people living in Burnaby do for fun.

Check out this fun list of fun Burnaby attractions:

PNE Burnaby parks near shopping at the heights district

Playland & PNE

Right on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver, is the Pacific Naional Exhibition (PNE), an annual summer fair that welcomes millions of guests. It is the longest running and best attended annual ticketed event in BC. Enjoy shows, sporting events, concerts, and cultural activities. In addition, Playland is right next door with world-class amusement rides, carnival games, mini golf, and an arcade!
Revs Burnaby Tourism

Grand Villa Casino

Play over 1,100 slot machines or 7 other table games including Blackjack, Baccarat, Fortune Pai Gow, Four Card Poker, Roulette, Three Card Poker, and Touch Bet Roulette. Age restrictions apply, so guests must be 19 years or older to enter. The Casino offers lots of other entertainment, dining, and promotions as well. So enjoy some excitement, eat a great meal, and try your luck today!

Revs Bowling Burnaby Attractions

Revs Burnaby

Revs Bowling Burnaby is a popular, local bowling alley. Games start at $3, depending on the time you visit. They open as early as 9am and close as late as 2am, again depending on the time you visit. Revs Bowling Burnaby also serves delicious meals from Strikers Bar, big screen sports games in Revs Burnaby lounge, and a full service fitness centre. Did we mention cosmic bowling as well?

Unique to Burnaby

If you’re looking to explore Burnaby tourism, there are certain areas you have to check out! Things that are unique to the City of Burnaby and unlike any other places you’ve been. Visit local neighbourhoods and see landmarks while they’re here.

Check out our list of unique Burnaby attractions below:

Shopping at the Heights District Tourism in Burnaby Library

The Heights District

Enjoy shopping in the Heights District, a community located in Burnaby Heights. The area boasts over 350 merchants, so shopping at the Heights District is a unique experience. It is well known for organized events, parades, community contributions, and neighbourhood planning.

Metropolis at Metrotown near Revs Burnaby Tourism

Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis at Metrotown is the biggest mall in British Columbia. Fun for all ages, Burnaby Metrotown offers world class shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences. Browse through hundreds of stores, window shop, and find unique items. It’s the perfect plan for any rainy day.
Burnaby Attractions and Tourism in Burnaby Library

Burnaby Library

Your experience will vary depending on which Burnaby Library you visit. However, none of these 4 buildings will disappoint. Burnaby tourism includes these locations because there is no place better to learn about an area than at its local library. Read more about each Burnaby Library today.

Nearby Burnaby

Do you feel like you’ve explored all there is to do in Burnaby? Well then visit some of the many things to do right outside the Burnaby/ Vancouver border.

Check out these tourist attractions, nearby Burnaby, in Vancouver:

Granville Island Tour nearby Burnaby attractions

Granville Island Tour

If you haven’t done a Granville Island tour, it’s definitely something to add to your list. This little island is in the middle of Vancouver, surrounded by breathtaking views of the city, mountains, and water. Your Granville Island tour will consist of waterfront restaurants, unique shops, comedy shows, theatres, cafes, a giant food market, as well as art studios and galleries.

Science World Theatre nearby Burnaby tourism

Science World Theatre

The Science World Theatre is one of the coolest, most interesting places to visit. It is an electronic projection that is usually educational and often related to the featured exhibitions, on a wide variety of topics. Drop into Science World Theatre for free, with the purchase of general admission to Science World. Check out what’s currently playing today.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge Vancouver

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

The Lynn Canyon suspension bridge is a popular destination for Burnaby tourism. Although it’s in North Vancouver, it’s definitely worth the trip. Bring the family out for a picnic, cross the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge (50 meters above the canyon), hike the trails, and swim in one of the many swimming holes. It’s 617 acres to explore so get ready for an adventure!

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Burnaby Online Business Directory

Businesses in the Burnaby Postal Code

Check out our Burnaby Online directory to search for all of your favourite businesses, and discover some new ones along the way too. There are so many fantastic businesses located in the Burnaby Postal Code.
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