Burnaby FAQ’s

What is the Burnaby Population and Is Burnaby in Vancouver?

Q: What is the Burnaby population?

A: The 2016 census notes the Burnaby population at 232,755 people, which makes it the 20th biggest city in Canada and the 3rd largest city in British Columbia.

Q: How big is Burnaby?

A: The city of Burnaby is exactly 98.6 square kilometres in size.

Q: Is Burnaby in Vancouver?

A: Burnaby is directly east of Vancouver. While Burnaby is not technically within Vancouver, it is still a part of the Metro Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). It’s right in the middle of this Metro Vancouver area, bordered by Vancouver and Port Moody to the west, and Coquitlam and New Westminster on the east. The Burrard Inlet forms the northern border and the Fraser River runs along its southern border.

Q: What’s the weather like?

A: The elevation of Burnaby ranges from 370m at the top of Burnaby Mountain all the way down to sea level, so the climate can vary. However, on the whole, Burnaby gets a lot more snow during winter than any of the neighbouring cities. During its warmest months, Burnaby’s weather gets to be quite pleasant, reaching 21 degrees Celsius, on average.

Q: What does Burnaby look like? Is it industrial or agricultural?

A: Burnaby is a pretty hilly area, full of valleys and ridges, with a bit of flatlands as well. It used to be an agricultural hub, feeding the nearby metropolises of Vancouver and New Westminster. However, Burnaby has become a much more urban  city over time. In addition, you can still see its agricultural roots in an abundance of Burnaby parks and recreation areas. This city is also home to BC’s largest mall (Metropolis at Metrotown) and a number of other industrial and commercial businesses.

Q: How is the public transportation system in Burnaby?

A: Burnaby has quite a few options for commuters and devotees of public transit. The SkyTrain system crosses Burnaby east to west and connects the city to its neighbouring cities. For north to south travel, there is the Expo Line and the Millennium Line. These public transit options easily connect Burnaby to neighbouring cities. Most Burnaby shopping malls are all connected via these transportation lines as well, making inner-city travel very easy!

Q: What is the big industry of Burnaby?

A: Burnaby is home to quite a few well-known companies. For instance, big technology firms like Electronic Arts, Eastman Kodak, Ballard, and Telus all have headquarters in Burnaby. There are also gas companies like Chevron and Petro-Canada which have refineries along the Burrard Inlet shore. In addition, there are several other companies which have major operations in Burnaby including Pacific Blue Cross, Nokia, and Mercedes-Benz. The city’s high-density residential areas, major commercial centres, and great transit systems are all draws for these big companies.

Q: What kind of education is offered in Burnaby?

A: Burnaby is a part of School District 41 which handles all of the public schooling. There is also the Community and Adult Education Department and an International Students’ Programme. As far as higher learning goes, Burnaby is home to the Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. These colleges cement the city’s status as a leading exporter of technological advancements in many fields.

Q: What are some main attractions to the city of Burnaby?

A: There are many Burnaby attractions to visit. For nature lovers, Burnaby has one of the highest ratios of parkland to residential land in all of BC. If the great outdoors isn’t your thing, the city is also home to the biggest mall in BC and the second largest mall in all of Canada – Metropolis at Metrotown. Burnaby is also notable for its entertainment venues which include Swangard Stadium in Central Park and the Shadbolt Centre for Arts in Deer Lake Park.

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